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HEAD AND NECK - Anterior Neck

HEAD AND NECK - Anterior Neck

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Study of the Anterior Neck

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Author By University of North Carolina, At Chapel Hill, USA
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TOC Step 1. Removal of skin and exposure of platysma muscle
Step 2. External jugular vein and cervical nerves
Step 3. Anterior and posterior triangles of the neck
Step 4. Omoclavicular triangle; muscles forming the floor of the posterior triangle
Step 5. Exposure of the internal jugular vein
Step 6. Infrahyoid and digastric muscles; submandibular gland
Step 7. Subdivisions of the anterior triangle
Step 8. Reflection of the infrahyoid muscles and exposure of the carotid sheath
Step 9. Ansa cervicalis
Step 10. Exposure of the thyroid gland; superior thyroid vessels
Step 11. Carotid sheath and its contents
Step 12. Branches of the external carotid artery; hypoglossal nerve
Step 13. Carotid sinus and carotid body

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